TAP Portugal returned to Romania / Lisbon - Bucharest

From 2 to July 2017, TAP Portugal returned to Romania and offers direct flights on the Lisbon - Bucharest route. Estimates are optimistic and show that it will carry approximately 70 000 passengers by the end of this year.

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Today, at a festive event, we welcomed the return of TAP Portugal carrier to Romania. Route Lisbon - Bucharest was opened on 2 July 2017, but today officials received the aircraft with the traditional salute of water cannons.


At the same time, in the "departures" terminal of Henri Coandă International Airport, a small artistic moment was organized. Some young people danced on Portuguese rhythms, inviting the world to join the show.

Lisbon - Bucharest with TAP Portugal

But let's see TAP Portugal's plans for Romania. To begin with, TAP operates 6 weekly flights on the Bucharest - Lisbon route. They will be honored with Airbus A319 / A320 aircraft, following the following schedule:

TP1324 Lisbon 00: 15-06: 15 Bucharest / Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
TP1322 Lisbon 10: 45-16: 45 Bucharest / Friday

TP1325 Bucharest 07: 00-09: 35 Lisbon / Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
TP1323 Bucharest 17: 30-20: 05 Lisbon / Friday


Officially, fares start at 116 EURO (round-trip flights), but now you have little chance of finding the minimum price. In my simulations, without active promotions, I found rates from 126 EURO (round trip).

To deal with low-cost competitors, TAP Portugal has developed several tariff classes. For Economy Class, 4 packages were developed:

Discount to do: the most competitive fare level, which includes only flight, hand luggage and on-board catering;
Basic do: includes all facilities in "Discount" + hold luggage;
Classic do: includes all the facilities from "Basic" + the possibility to pre-allocate the seat on the plane;
More to do: includes all the facilities of "Classic" + flexibility in modifying travel data (free rebooking).


For Business Class, TAP Portugal has developed 2 complex packages:

Executive do: all the facilities of the Business service (catering, pre-allocation by plane, 2 baggage X 32 KG), but with limited flexibility (modification of travel data and reimbursement with penalty);
Top executives do: all facilities of the Business service + maximum flexibility (modification of travel data and free reimbursement).


Better connections for Romanian tourists

With the relaunch of the Lisbon - Bucharest - Lisbon route, Romanian tourists will benefit from very good connections to particular tourist areas. These are connections to Madeira or the Azores (we will travel to the Azores for a stay), two Portuguese destinations in the Atlantic, extremely picturesque.

Via Lisbon, TAP Portugal also covers routes to 11 destinations in Spain, such as Asturias, Sevilla, Bilbao, La Coruna and Vigo and, of course, to all important Portuguese destinations, such as Porto, Faro, Funchal, Porto Santo, Ponta Delgada and Terceira.

Launch Bucharest-Lisbon-TAP-Portugal

TAP Portugal has its own flights to 10 cities in Brazil and destinations in Africa such as Cape Verde, Sao Tome & Principe, Mozambique, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Angola and Côte d'Ivoire, unique destinations, less known to Romanians, where they can be reached. from now much easier.

It also operates to both major airports in New York (JFK and Newark), to Miami, Boston and, from June this year, to Toronto. In addition, it is the only airline that offers 3 destinations from Romania to Morocco: Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier.

If Lisbon or Porto are not the final destination, passengers who have, for example, destinations in North America, to Boston, New York, Miami or Toronto, can benefit from the Portugal Stopover program, that is, they can stop the trip and spend up to 3 days. in Lisbon or Porto at no additional cost. Since last summer, 53 of thousands of tourists have benefited from this program and expect a significant increase.


TAP Portugal investments

TAP Portugal returns to our country with the Lisbon - Bucharest - Lisbon route, after investing in new 53 aircraft last year. It also upgraded its existing fleet through an investment of 81 million. In 2016, TAP transported 11,7 millions of passengers, with 400.000 more compared to 2015 and had revenues of 2,2 billion.

The Portuguese airline, a member of the Star Alliance from 14 to March 2005, is constantly expanding. In addition to Bucharest, TAP Portugal introduced 7 new routes this summer to: Toronto (North America, 10 June), Abidjan (Africa, 17 July), Alicante and Gran Canaria (Spain, 10 June), Budapest (Hungary, 1 July ), Cologne (Germany, 15 July), Stuttgart (Germany, 10 June).

The number of flights to the United States has also increased, on routes already served: New York (two airports), Boston, Miami.

TAP Portugal has been designated the safest airline in Western Europe, according to a JACDEC report on airline safety. North American Magazine has named TAP the best airline in Europe for the past five years.


Tap Portugal reaches 81 destinations, from 34 countries, including countries in Africa, North and South America.

That being said, put Porgualia on the list. We will inform you about the activity of TAP Portugal at local, European and global level.

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