TAROM has announced the winter operational schedule! Flights to Tel Aviv are suspended!

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Starting from October 29, 2023, together with the time change, the winter timetable in air transport also comes into force.

For the 2023/2024 winter season, TAROM offers passengers 69 destinations operated together with its partners and 27 destinations operated with TAROM's own aircraft, totaling 247 weekly frequencies.

TAROM flight schedule in the winter season

TAROM will operate daily flights to London and Madrid, and for the destinations of Brussels, Athens and Tel Aviv, it has scheduled 6 weekly frequencies. For safety reasons, flights to Tel Aviv are suspended until November 21, 2023, after which the resumption of commercial operations will be reviewed depending on the situation in Israel.

The travel offer to Paris includes 30 weekly flights operated together with the partner Air France, of which 2 daily flights are operated with TAROM aircraft. An operation of two daily flights is also provided for the destination Amsterdam.

For Nice, TAROM maintains the frequency of two weekly flights, between December 15, 2023 and January 15, 2024, to meet travel demand during the winter holidays.

For Istanbul, TAROM proposes to operate a number of 17 weekly flights, and in partnership with Turkish Airlines, the offer is 5-6 daily flights.

To Frankfurt, TAROM will operate 10 weekly flights. 4 weekly frequencies are provided for destinations Prague, Rome and Cairo.

Traditional flights from the Middle East area, namely Amman and Beirut, maintain their number of frequencies operated in the 2023 summer season, respectively 3 weekly frequencies.

In addition to the operation with jet aircraft, Boeing and Airbus TAROM will operate with the ATR aircraft fleet a number of 117 weekly rotations. Thus, there will be 21 weekly frequencies to Chisinau, and Budapest will have 11 frequencies. The offer of flights to Belgrade includes a number of 15 weekly flights operated in partnership with Air Serbia. There are 5 weekly flights to Sofia and 2 weekly flights to Thessaloniki.

The TAROM company has scheduled for the 2023/4 winter timetable a number of 76 frequencies on
week to the domestic destinations of Romania, which meet the demand for business trips
or tourism and equally ensures connectivity with external flights, as follows: 23 to
Cluj-Napoca, 22 to Timisoara, 26 to Iasi, 9 to Suceava, 14 to Oradea, 4 to
Baia Mare and 2 to Satu Mare.

The operation on domestic destinations is provided alternately with jet and ATR aircraft, the capacity
being adapted to the demand.

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