OFFICIAL: DAN Air is moving all operations from Brașov to Bacău in December!

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DAN AIR has decided to temporarily stop operating flights from Ghimbav International Airport in Brașov. The decision comes in the context in which on October 30, 2023, the representatives of the Brașov airport announced that the extension of the operating schedule from 12 hours to 16 hours will only take place from January 15, 2024.

Therefore, the limited schedule, the lack of appropriate airport facilities for winter flights and the lack of facilities offered to airlines - are the reasons that lead DAN AIR to move its flights to Bacău International Airport.

Therefore, from November 13, the proposed winter program from Brașov will operate according to the schedule, for the main destinations in Europe, with take-off and landing from Bacău Airport, following that from December 11 the operations will be completely moved to Bacău airport .

From November 13, the flights will take place according to the schedule from Brașov International Airport, to the main destinations in Europe, with take-off and landing from Bacău. Passengers who still want to fly and use the purchased tickets, will benefit from a free transfer, offered by DAN AIR, on the Brașov-Bacău route and return on the day of the flight. Travelers have been informed of the new changes and have at their disposal a special form where they can express their option for those flights. From December 11, the new flight schedule and new destinations departing exclusively from Bacău airport will come into force, a schedule that will be communicated later.

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