TAROM races operate as normal

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The Romanian National Air Transport Company - TAROM announces that all its operations, including the main ones carried out by the fleet, respectively the services operating flights to all destinations, will continue to run under normal conditions, December 1 marking the moment of national holiday for all Romanians, including TAROM employees.

Regarding the impact that Law no. 296/2023 regarding some fiscal-budgetary measures to ensure the financial sustainability of Romania in the long term, TAROM, as a company owned by the Romanian state, welcomes the legislator's intention to stop budgetary waste and naturally acts to support the interests of the Romanian state to administer a competitive business, including through legal procedures that lead to the exemption of TAROM from certain provisions of the previously mentioned law.

"TAROM's Board of Directors approved the Exemption Memorandum as early as October 20, which was sent and is in the normal approval procedure in the General Shareholders' Meeting. We understand the expansive desire for communication and the action of the Tarom United Trade Union to submit its own Memorandum, in parallel with the one submitted to the Ministry of Transport and officially substantiated directly by the company, because certain provisions of the law that especially target authorities and public institutions may have a different effect on state-owned companies that actually operate in competitive markets.

We are convinced that the Romanian state will always act in the interest of its citizens, therefore we have no doubts that, if substantiated exceptions are approved, TAROM will be on this list”, declares Bogdan Popescu, the general director of TAROM.

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