TAROM is back with a new special offer: fares from 120 euros for international flights!

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Make your summer your sleigh and your winter... book plane tickets at an advantageous price, for the month of Jupiter! At the end of February, TAROM returns with a new special offer, "Summer sled and winter carriage" dedicated to travel enthusiasts who have decided to plan the perfect vacation in advance.

Belgrade, Budapest, Chisinau, London, Prague, Sofia and Tel Aviv are the destinations to which you can fly in July with discounts on the purchase of tickets between February 26-28.

TAROM launches a new special campaign at the end of February, "Summer sleigh and winter carriage" and offers discounted tickets to travelers who plan their vacations in advance for the summer season.

A well-known Romanian proverb urges us to make ourselves a sleigh in summer and a chariot in winter. In other words, let's prepare ahead of time for what we want to happen, and in the end, let's enjoy the results obtained with wise preparation.

Whether we are talking about the thorough planning of an important event, a long-awaited vacation or a surprise for a loved one, good organization brings benefits from many points of view.

The offer is valid from February 26-28, 2024

In line with the moral of the proverb, TAROM has prepared for the period 26-28 February 2024, specially reduced prices for the purchase of plane tickets, for trips scheduled in July. For those who have decided to fully enjoy the month of Aquarius, a favorite of vacations, moreover, the current offer comes with travel opportunities for all tastes.

Belgrade, Budapest, Chisinau and Sofia transform themselves into real centers of urban exploration throughout the summer. The gastronomy, the fascinating sights and the vibrant atmosphere of the streets make the 4 neighboring capitals ideal destinations for a summer holiday, which you can enjoy at a great price, starting with the purchase of plane tickets and up to the activities you choose to enjoy during the stay.

TAROM trips also take us to the cosmopolitan metropolis scent of London, Prague and Tel Aviv, destinations on the must-see list of many travel lovers. Certainly no other month colors the big cities like July, so enthusiasts now have the opportunity to add a few more memories to their luggage, benefiting from discounts to such destinations as early as February.

TAROM promotional rates

Air ticket prices to the desired destinations are among the most attractive and start from 120 EUR round trip (with all taxes included), 8 kg hand luggage and free check-in for the following destinations:

  • RATE FROM 120 EUR, round trip, with all taxes included, for tickets purchased between Bucharest - Belgrade, Budapest, Chisinau, Prague and Sofia;
  • RATE FROM 135 EUR, round trip, with all taxes included, for tickets purchased between Bucharest and Tel Aviv;
  • RATE FROM 150 EUR, return, with all taxes included, for tickets purchased between Bucharest and London.

Tickets are available for sale on the website www.tarom.ro, in TAROM agencies or accredited agents.

The offer is valid for all the destinations listed above on flights operated by the TAROM Company between July 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024 (date of the last return), it is subject to special terms and conditions, and seats at these rates are limited.

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