TAROM supplements the seats for Untold and introduces a flight to Cluj!

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TAROM supplements the transport capacity to Cluj with another 100 tickets. Rates start from 77 Euros per segment. The additional tickets that were allocated the other day sold out in less than 48 hours.

The TAROM company announces that the additional tickets it introduced into the sales system, with the destination Cluj-Napoca and return, sold out in less than 48 hours due to the enormous demand for the UNTOLD festival. TAROM has decided to introduce yet another additional flight to Cluj-Napoca, departing on the morning of August 4, with prices starting from only 77 Euros per segment.

"In less than 48 hours after the introduction of two additional flights to the Cluj destination into the system, the tickets sold out. The good news is that we've decided to introduce an additional third race to cater to UNTOLD fans. These are the last approximately 100 extra seats that we are putting up for sale with the destination Cluj-Napoca, at a very good price that starts from 77 Euros per segment with taxes and baggage included", said Monica Cramer, TAROM Company's Commercial Director.

The additional TAROM, RO1641 from 04 August arrives in Cluj – Napoca at 5 am and is mainly dedicated to UNTOLD fans who want to fully enjoy one of the most impressive days of the festival.

The price of 77 Euros/segment includes all taxes, checked and hand luggage as well as check-in formalities. Tickets are on sale starting today and reservations can be made directly on the website www.tarom.ro. Places are limited and demand is very high. 

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