The 2 Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft will come equipped with Boeing Sky Interior

Today, TAROM has released a few pictures with the interior of the 2 Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft, which will come in the fleet.

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On 5 May, TAROM officially announced the signing of the contract for 2 Boeing 737-800 NG (Next Generation) aircraft.

aircraft Boeing 737-800 NG, which have a capacity of 189 seats, were acquired in operational leasing for a period of 10 years. They will be delivered during the month of May 2017. There have been controversies regarding these terms.

2 Boeing 737-800 TAROM aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior

What does operational leasing mean in aviation? TAROM has rented the 2 aircraft and has the right to use them under their own livery for the duration of the contract. It will pay a fixed monthly rate depending on the contractual terms and the adjacent services included in the operational lease.

"To buy" is synonymous with "to buy", but they can also be synonymous and "to buy, to obtain, to make use of". So it is not wrong to associate the "buy" and "operational leasing".

Going over these linguistic aspects, in this article I want to present you some pictures with the inside of the 2 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. As new aircraft, they will benefit from Boeing Sky Interior.




Photos via TAROM / by Razvan Cuc!

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