British Airways Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) was withdrawn from commercial service

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On 13 January 2020, British Airways Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) was withdrawn from commercial service. This was the first Boeing 777 delivered to British Airways on November 11, 1995. And since then it has flown about 50 million miles (80467200 kilometers).

At the same time, the British Airways Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) was the 6th triple seven delivered globally. If you wonder why the aircraft carried the ZZZ sign, you would find that British Airways considered it to be very similar to the 777.

Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) British Airways

British Airways also presented some interesting statistics. In 24 years of flying, the aircraft Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) operated 20.663 cycles (1 cycle = take-off and landing) and squeezed 100.311 flight hours. The figures presented by BA show that the aircraft was transported NUMBER of passengers.

The last rotation was made on the route London - Abuja, Nigeria. It took off on January 11, 2020 for Nigeria. It arrived at its destination on January 12, around 05:00. Also on January 12, he operated the return flight to London Heathrow.

Unfortunately, on January 13, the aircraft took off to St Athan, near Cardiff. This was the last flight. British Airways Boeing 777-200 (G-ZZZC) will be dismantled and dismantled. Next on the list are the Boeing 777-200 aircraft G-ZZZA (msn 27105) and G-ZZZB (msn 27106).

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