Iasi Airport, politically "audited"

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Following the statements made today, 9 November 2016, by the President of the Iasi County Council, Mr. Maricel Popa, Iasi Airport issued the following statement:

Iași Airport, "audited"

We find with great disappointment the flagrant violation of the imperative norms regarding the internal audit and the transformation of an activity that should have had a guiding role, according to the audit book, in an act of repression.

Iasi International Airport is one of the positive examples of development in aviation worldwide, with registered performances far exceeding other successful cases.

The most recent example is the Airports Council International report from 7 November 2016 (attached to this press release, in which Iasi Airport is a leader in its category (airports that record under 1 million passengers annually) in terms of annual comparative development and constant growth in numbers. of passengers.

Today, Iasi Airport is the victim of an unprecedented political interference, by using with bad faith and abusive use of public resources in the possession of Iasi County Council.

It is confirmed that the actions of the new President of the Iasi County Council are exclusively setbacks and consist in blocking the development plans of the Iasi Airport, but also in the desperate efforts to restore the positive public image in relation to the activity carried out within the region.

During the period June-November, the Iasi County Council, through the new President, systematically blocked all the natural steps taken by the management, publicly attacked any action taken by the Airport.

As an entity audited by the Iasi County Council, Iasi Airport should, according to the law, be the first to receive the draft audit report, in order to make the relevant comments / appeals.

This "audit" of the director did not follow the communicated audit trail for a moment, but it proved to be a tool to tarnish the image of the Airport, the only notable local investment, which has brought value in Iasi over the last 4 years.

The unique and displaced typology in which this audit mission was carried out, by the people who have demonstrated in numerous occasions, paradoxically, that they do not know the legal provisions applicable to the autonomous management, on the one hand, and the specificity of the airport activity as a commercial activity, on the other. On the one hand, it was a permanent one sustained by personal offenses against the employees of the company, by completely unfounded verbal accusations, by opinions that far exceeded and exceeded the scope of the mission.

Without being considered an exaggeration, the entire development activity of Iasi Airport was paralyzed, for almost two months, in a completely unprofessional and abusive way, the employees of the company were in the situation most of the times to give up the performance to the current activities because the auditors, in violation of the procedure established by common agreement, descended in the offices of the management, stopping the employees from any activity, to answer questions, many of them really hallucinating.

Thus, among the many questions and opinions expressed by the auditors was the accusation that Iasi Airport has a marketing department.

It seems that this is unacceptable for the auditors of CJ Iasi, for which the promotion of Iasi Airport had to be done exclusively in Iasi, not in the entire region, because the airport is only of Iasi County.

In the opinion of these employees of CJ Iasi, for the provision of services, including artistic moments dedicated to passengers, the director should have prepared entry-reception notes, the employees of the director should have visited and photographed daily, with the visible date, all promotion panels from the Moldovan region, to prove their existence, the usual materials for promoting the flights (flyers, brochures, flags, etc.) distributed to passengers or guests should be shared only with the people who gave their identification data, all emails or discussions usual commercials should have been documented through meeting minutes, printed and archived, etc.

It is unacceptable that in 2016, when public institutions are trying to adapt to the demands of the modern world, there will be public executives who can prove the lack of elementary knowledge about the legislation and the specificity of the entities that audit them, making confusing permissions between public institutions with the role of service of citizens and public enterprises that carry out activities with a commercial purpose exclusively in a competitive market.

Since RA Iasi Airport has not been in possession of any variant of the draft audit report, having no access to official conclusions, we specify that the opinions presented are based exclusively on the discussions, interviews and communication between the designated auditors and the employees of the company.

All the details made today, in the press conference, by the new president of the Iasi County Council, represent erroneous conclusions, unsupported in reality by documents, are their own interpretations of the legislation by the civil servants who did not have the minimum training to audit such an area. vast, like the airport.

These interpretations will be dismantled and removed one by one, by the procedural path, instituted by the legislator. And the fact that these so-called "conclusions" are presented, in the absence of the official observations of the airport management, shows that both the audit team and the President of the Iasi County Council only pursued the damage to the image of Iasi Airport.

For all these actions, RA Iasi Airport reserves the right to sue them, calling them to answer jointly and severally for violating their attributions in bad faith.

At the same time, it is necessary to analyze the subjective plan of carrying out this audit mission, since, from studying the public information available on the website of CJ Iasi, we found that the direct head of those who performed this audit in a totally unprofessional and who coordinated this mission is a person close to the current President of the Iasi County Council, the latter committing him to his own company, on a management position, following
a few years. The CV in question you find attached in this email.

Despite these blows applied by the Iasi County Council, the results recorded by Iasi International Airport are indisputable - the company registered profit for the first time in its history, managing to open 23 new destinations, given that there were four years ago only a regular internal and external route.

If nothing has changed in 20 years, and in four years so many things have changed for the better, it means that something has happened - the team and the efficient management. Vision and will. Support, and not obstacles from the Iasi County Council.

"Nowhere in the world do I think there is a similar case, in which just the one called to support an activity, namely the president of the guardianship authority of the airport, Mr. Popa comes and tries desperately to destroy a positive image built over so many years, with efforts of unimaginable for His kingdom. I know that this person has made a commitment to destroy the positive image of the airport since its first day of activity, and its "performance" these months confirms everything I say. The only action of the man, related to the Airport, was to send here a general control to verify my entire activity, starting with my first day of work at the Airport. I expected to fight for a new access road to the Airport, but did nothing to that effect, I expected to fight not to jeopardize the air operations, by placing the Regional Hospital near the airport, but on the contrary, done everything he can to position it there.

I was expecting to answer my request four months ago, to think together about a new airport development plan, to find financing solutions for future investments, but neither here had the good faith to do anything. He does not care that the passengers no longer fit in the terminals and that next year the traffic will continue to increase very much, he does not care that millions of euros equipment are out in the rain and sun, because he does not want to approve the construction of a garage, they do not care that there are days when, due to the difficult access road to / from the airport, the passengers finally arrive at the check-in. And, in general, I see that I do not care that all these aberrations presented today triumphalist do more harm to the Iasi Airport than I think Mr. I do to my person, and that today he tells STOP to the airlines! How will all those who respond today hit completely irresponsibly in the single investment in Iasi, praised by the European Commission?

Obviously, all the "conclusions" presented today on the foot are aberrant and erroneous, and the public does not have the patience to analyze these things in detail. But at the level of public diplomacy, these attacks cause damage. After the destruction of the FILIT aura, only the airport remained apparently uncontaminated by political disputes. Now, we also put this cross on. Nobody was thinking about opening new routes these months, all the employees were asked, asked and then pressured by the audit team to say things to incriminate.

We are still officially waiting for this audit report, in order to find out what these gentlemen did not want to understand and to officially dismantle all these aberrations. I believe that the reform of the public administration must start today with the civil servants of execution, who exercise their attributions in bad faith because a healthy public system means that, regardless of who runs an institution, the execution official respects the attributions of his job description and The Code of Conduct of the civil servant, in no case political orders. This year, in February, the “Paper Cutting Board” was launched at the central level, an initiative to debirocratize the public apparatus, by constantly taking suggestions from the general public. In Iasi, in June, Mr. Maricel Popa launched "The Commission to cut the ends that did not produce the papers", an initiative to remove his political opponents, regardless of their professional performance.

Finally, I declare deeply indignant that all these actions have happened because I did not accept to bow to the new leadership, that I do not share their political doctrines and that I did not want to keep the humble office door, ”a said Marius BODEA, President of the Board of Directors of Iasi International Airport.

When the political interests are above the normal interests of the citizens. And when ideologies are not compatible. Let's hope for positive and beautiful things at IAII Airport.

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