Survivor Romania 2022 finalists answered what they will do with the money, if they win the grand prize!

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Alex Delea, Alexandru Nedelcu, Elena Chiriac, Ionuț Popa are the players who remained in the race for the grand prize at Survivor Romania 2022. Their road to the final, on May 31, is almost over. 

reporter La Măruță interviewed the four competitors before the semifinals. They said what they would do with the grand prize if they came out victorious Survivor Romania final 2022

Survivor finalists answered what they would do with the money

Ionut Popa: "I really want to win because I want to open that gym. To give my son a better education, a better life. I wish very much and I sincerely hope to lift that trophy above my head ". 

Alexandru Nedelcu: "When I left home I made the biggest sacrifice of my life: I have a little girl, now she's a year old. She was 8 months old when I left home, so I lost almost 5 months of her life. I lost when his teeth came out, when he took his first steps… This is my greatest sacrifice. Now if I win this award, I want to give him a good education and make him a future, a future that every parent wants for his child. And I want to buy an apartment with my girlfriend. "

Alex Delea: "First of all, I have five hearts at home. 3 older and two younger, who are waiting for me and I'm sure they are very proud of me. The first heart is my mother, the second heart is my mother. Mother, the one who gave us a better life and now what would be my greatest reward for improving the life my mother gave me? That's my biggest motivation, to be able to improve on what she gave me. And that makes me shoot as hard as I can. ”

Elena Chiriac: "If I were to win the grand prize of 100.000 euros… I thought a lot of times what I would do with it and I know what I would do. I would invest in myself. In terms of personal development. I would travel, I would like to know the world, to know myself better and to discover as many things as possible that will make me constantly evolve ”.

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