The first space hotel will be launched in 2025

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Orbital Assembly Corporation, the only company working to develop a space business park that would be viable and cost-effective, is preparing to launch its first space hotel, which could accommodate up to 28 people. in the year 2025.

Nowadays, space travel is no longer a forbidden dream. Richard Branson has fulfilled his dream of seeing Earth from space at the border in July 2021, and Jeff Bezos repeated the feat just a week later, while Elon Musk is preparing to organize trips to the International Space Station. So it is no wonder that space navigation is already present in many of the forms of everyday entertainment.

Numerous highly successful films about the cosmos have been made in recent years, such as Interstellar, where Matthew McConaughey plays an astronaut who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the existence of mankind. So, are available online and space-themed peacock games, such as Stars Invaders, where the adventure revolves around a one-armed bandit traveling through space, and the game symbols are in the form of planets, comets, aliens, and UFOs.

Orbital Assembly Corporation, the only company working on the development of a space business park

the first space hotel
the first space hotel

Space launch costs are currently the main obstacle to space tourism, but Oribital expects the number of tourists crossing the threshold of this unique hotel to increase as space travel becomes more affordable.

Until its launch in 2025, we can only imagine what a room in a space hotel would look like. The images published by Oribital show that the rooms in the pilot project (Pioneer-class) include bunk beds, desks, chairs and windows with star views. There are also smart screens next to each bed, which guests will be able to use for information, communication and entertainment.

This ship will have a hybrid environment, in the sense that tourists will be able to experience both varying levels of gravity up to 0,57G. In simple terms, guests will feel some weightlessness, but will be able to drink from a glass or sleep without being tied to the bed.

As for Voyager Station, Oribital's next space hotel, standards are being raised to another level. This would be the first space station ready for tourist accommodation, but also for work.

Here, the 400 guests will have much more spacious rooms and much larger windows, while the furniture will be a regular hotel, but not lacking a slightly futuristic note. The restaurant also seems to complement the experience that any guest expects in a luxury facility and certainly there are many people today who are wondering what the differences will be with what we already know. Thus, Oribital, along with a former astronaut from NASA, continues studies on the impact of artificial gravity on humans, which will certainly help improve the experience of its future customers.

Experts say that the bold objectives of the project may not be achieved in just the 3 years that the company has announced, given that such a facility has never been built and the occurrence of unforeseen problems is imminent. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Earth. A month spent on such a station, where we could work remotely, could help us to completely change our way of thinking and the way we perceive life.

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