Constanța City Council introduces the tourist tax for Mamaia, in the 2023 summer season!

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Tourists who will come this summer to the seaside, in Constanța or Mamaia, will pay, in addition to the stay, a city tax or tourist tax in the amount of 1% of the total value of the stay. The tax has been established since the end of last year by the City Council and would have been introduced at the request of employers, he announces

"At the moment the tax is in force, only that it is not collected from tourists, but from economic agents with accommodation units. It was introduced at the request of patronages in Constanța-Mamaia. They proposed, in October-November 2022, the introduction of the tourist tax", explains George Măndilă, the personal adviser of the mayor Vergil Chițac.

"This tax could not be voted on since the end of last year (when local taxes and fees were approved) because, being a new tax, there was no time to pass the stages of public transparency and they risked being left without it. So they chose to pay it themselves for a few months, then let's make this change", says Mandilă.

I don't think the tourist tax will scare away tourists

"I don't think the tourist tax will scare away tourists. The patrons, if there was a risk of scaring away tourists with this fee, would have taken it on themselves, but they said it would make tourists more responsible. There are other cities that have something like that. It is about 3 lei or 5 lei. The 1% will be collected at the reception. I asked the patrons if they don't take into account that they will argue with the tourists who paid for their stay through the agencies, in advance, and when they arrive at the reception they are asked for the money for this 1% tax? They told me that they would gladly pay for it," adds Mandila.

I would like to see a tourist willingly / happily paying tourist taxes in Mamaia :). In my opinion, such measures continue to destroy tourism in Mamaia and Constanța. Ok, I know many cities and resorts in this world where there is a tourist tax, but there you can see its benefits. Or on the Romanian coast there are no exceptional conditions so that tourists are excited about another tax, in addition to the costs related to tourist packages, which are also not small in the summer season.

Let's not forget the scandal of the parking fee, which drove tourists from Mamaia in the summer season 2022. The local authorities plan to drive tourists away in 2023 as well. Plus the chaotically widened beach that now looks like after the bombings. Unfortunately, the Mamaia resort is in free fall.

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