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According to a study carried out by the consulting company GfK Romania, Romanian tourists, who choose to book their trips online, are looking for offers on air tickets. At the same time, they are also looking for city break packages, hotel room reservations and tourist advice via call center or live chat.

Plane tickets

The least wanted online service is car rental. Another conclusion of the study places as the online agency with the highest degree of recognition (people who know about the brand), familiarity and number of clients. 9 from 10 respondents said they heard about


The GfK study was carried out in May of this year on a representative sample from the urban area and aimed to identify different behaviors of tourists from Romania. The agencies comparing their local market for online tourist reservations were compared: Esky,, Tripsta, Paravion and Flygo.

Offers on air tickets

Offers for air tickets, the main reason why Romanians resort to online travel agencies. When using an online travel agency, most Romanian tourists are interested in purchasing air tickets. The speed with which they can identify the offers and discounts on air tickets, but also the easy-to-use interface for booking tickets, determines the tourists to use online platforms.

Using the subscription to the newsletter of the agency is another type of frequently used product, through which tourists get to book vacations or city breaks at discounted prices. From the analysis of GfK Romania, it was found that tourists frequently use special offers, newsletters, as well as city break packages of the agency.

On average, 1 from 5 Romanians, who use the services of online travel agencies, is interested in booking hotel rooms. The available telephone consultancy 24 / 24 is the most appreciated service from the perspective of the tourists who book online.

Profile of those who book tourist products online

Most are people with higher education and medium to high incomes. The age ranges from 18 to 45 years. Also, most of the clients are women and live in urban areas, in cities with over 200.000 inhabitants. Bucharest is the most active from this point of view, being the city with the highest penetration of the online tourism market.

Also from the GfK study, it appears that of those who travel, the percentage of single and childless people is higher than those who are married or have children.

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