The new Arrivals Terminal of Traian Vuia International Airport - Timisoara was inaugurated!

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Today, July 28, 2021, the new Arrivals Terminal of Traian Vuia - Timișoara International Airport was put into use! The Munich-Timisoara flight landed today in front of the new terminal for external arrivals of Traian Vuia Airport. The good news is that the airport in Timisoara is starting to grow and, with it, the economy in Banat. The new terminal allows for a future increase in air traffic of up to 3 million passengers per year.

The new Arrivals Terminal can accommodate up to 540 passengers at the same time (three flights simultaneously). There are independent baggage strip systems, several border and customs control flows, an external baggage sorting area. The construction has an area of ​​4.383 sqm, has 10 control filters at the entrance of the Border Police and an optimized customs control system, informs opiniatimiș

The new Arrivals Terminal Timisoara
The new Arrivals Terminal Timisoara
Noul Terminal Sosiri Timisoara
The new Arrivals Terminal Timisoara

At the same time, today the contract for the construction of a new External Departures Terminal was signed. According to the plan, the new terminal should be ready in 2023, in time to receive tourists in the new Capital of Culture.

Photo: Dominic Fritz!

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