Timisoara - Vienna with FlyNiki?

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Some time ago I announced that Austrian Airlines has given up the Timisoara - Vienna flight, from 28 October. The race is currently operated by a Q400 Bombardier (DH4). The aircraft has a capacity of 72 of seats and can fly at a maximum speed of 667Km / h.

Austrian Airlines considered that the route was no longer profitable, and negotiations with Timisoara airport did not go well. So from the end of the month, the route remains uncovered.

From sources, I learned that this route could be operated by FlyNiki. It remains to be seen how the negotiations will proceed and under what conditions could the Austrian semi-lowcost operator enter Timisoara airport.

From a few I understood, this route is necessary for western Romania. In the area there are many businessmen, families who have children studying in Vienna and even for tourism.

We will come back with more details and await confirmations or disclaimers!

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