TOP destinations in Romania for the December 1st holiday

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Wonderful news for Romanians! This year, the December 1st mini-holiday turns into a real extended vacation, in which Romanians can organize a 5-6 day trip. Although officially only the days of November 30 and December 1 are free, ie Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Government has decided to turn Monday, November 29, into a non-working day for public servants, so that a bridge can be made with the weekend.

This decision does not apply to employees in the private sector, but most of them have already taken leave for November 29 and have plans for an extended stay.

As expected, most Romanians will spend their free days in the country, the mountain resorts and big cities being the destinations with the most reservations in this mini-holiday, according to the hotel platform.

Top destinations in Romania: where tourists will go on the December 1st mini-holiday

After a period with countless challenges for domestic tourism, in which travel has been marked by restrictions and prohibitions, Romanians now want to take full advantage of their days off to take a well-deserved break. Travel is still in accordance with current regulations, but the booking trend for the December 1st mini-holiday remains on the rise compared to previous years, especially as tourists can still purchase accommodation packages and services with unused holiday vouchers from 2019 and 2020. .

According to a report issued by, the most sought after destinations for this mini-holiday are Braşov (16% of bookings), mountain resorts on Prahovei Valley (13% of reservations), spa destinations, such as Sovata, Băile Felix or Băile Tușnad (10% of bookings).

Unlike 2020, when Romanians could no longer enjoy so many city breaks in the country, a very large percentage of the total number of bookings is now covered by large cities (31%), such as Cluj-Napoca. Napoca, Alba Iulia or Sibiu, to name just a few examples.

In addition, many of them have a great historical significance and have already announced the organization of festive ceremonies dedicated to the National Day, but also the opening of Christmas fairs, which means that tourists will be able to participate in these events under the law.

More stays with the remaining holiday vouchers from the past years

An important aspect that tourists must take into account is the fact that, fortunately, they can still buy accommodation with holiday vouchers that they did not use in 2019 and 2020, their validity being extended so far. In addition to classic accommodation, they can pay with tickets and holiday card and promotional packages available on, many of them also available in 2022, which include, in addition to the nights of accommodation, also services or bonus facilities, so tourists to have a beautiful experience.

Moreover, those who want to enjoy more freedom when it comes to their vacation, can choose flexible packages, a method recently implemented by the hotel platform Therefore, tourists who have holiday vouchers that expire soon, but do not have certainty about the date of travel, now have the opportunity to opt later for the date and destination of the holiday. 

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