Sightseeing is prohibited in the Czech Republic. The decision was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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On 23 October, the Czech authorities decided to ban all tourist travel in the Czech Republic. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially confirmed that the Czech Republic has closed its borders for tourist travel. But it did not block domestic tourism. It should be noted that the Czech Republic only banned the travel of foreign tourists on its territory.

Hotels have also been banned from accepting travel for tourist purposes, although they can still receive business travelers. The new measures adopted in the Czech Republic have severely limited tourism activities.

Cinemas, museums and art galleries are closed until November 3, with the possibility of extending this period. But also all the stores that are not in the first line of supply.

The Czech Republic has not yet closed its borders to those who want to transit the country or who want to enter the country for other purposes. So far, controls at land borders have not intensified. But those traveling by plane may have problems when asked about the purpose and duration of the visit to the Czech Republic.

Currently, according to the new measures adopted by the Czech Republic, one can travel for work or business. Essential family visits and weddings or funerals are allowed. At the same time, medical trips are still allowed.

The ban on free movement and the restriction on tourist travel to the Czech Republic are in force until the end of the state of emergency on 3 November. But with the possibility of extending this period!

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