Tourists will be fined if they reserve their spots on the beach!

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The measure to fine tourists who reserve their places on the beach is being taken by the authorities of a popular resort in Spain. The resort town of Benidorm has been the scene of disputes over beach bookings, sparking outrage on social media. 

Residents and tourists are unhappy that the beaches are overrun by people who reserve the best spots right next to the water from the early hours of the morning, but arrive at the beach much later.

War of the sunbeds

According to a statement from Benidorm's local council, it has become common practice not only at the pool but also on the beaches for tourists to spread out their towels, umbrellas and sunbeds to "reserve" the best spots. For some, it has already become a kind of "ritual" and they even use shopping carts to fence off a section of the beach strip for themselves and no one else could claim it.

Many concerned tourists have repeatedly expressed their outrage at this, saying that this kind of displeases them. Local councilor Monica Gomez had this to say about the sunbed wars: "We're taking this issue seriously and we're taking steps to fix it."

The measures taken by the authorities

Resort officials said the first six meters from the water is a no-go area for lounge chairs and other beach paraphernalia. This area should always be free for bathers who want to walk freely along the coast. Anyone who violates this provision will be fined, but the fines have not yet been determined and what other sanctions risk those who reserve beach areas.

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