Air traffic between May 8-10 - show on Otopeni

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Uefa Europa League it was not just a show at the stadium. During 8-10 May, we were able to enjoy a unique show even at airports near Bucharest.

Let's start with landing an aircraft Boeing 747 at Baneasa Airport, a premiere, and we continue with about 60-70 charter flights that landed on Otopeni.

Show on Otopeni

On the day of the grand finale UEFA Europa League 2012, the number of passengers arriving on charter flights, at Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport - 13.000 in number - was 16% higher than those arriving on regular flights. So, we can approximate over 25 passengers on Otopeni on May 000, the busiest day in the history of the airport!

Only on the day of the match they landed on the AIHCB 63 charter aircraft, which is added to the 9 arriving on Tuesday (both at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest and at the Băneasa International Airport in Aurel Vlaicu).

On 10 May, the number of supporters who left, using 50 charter flights, was approximately 11.000, equaling the number of passengers who went on regular flights. The rest of 2000-3000 of tourists probably still enjoy the beauty of Bucharest.

On the occasion of this event, the runway transformed into the parking lot, hosted 9 May, a number of 66 aircraft, which occupied 2 km of the total runway length. There were several types of aircraft, from Boeing 747 to Boeing 737 and even smaller ones.

The traffic of the regular flights was not affected during this period, all taking off and landing according to the flight schedule. It is worth mentioning that the AIHCB had to operate only one track.

On the two airports of the Capital, all the conditions for the smooth operation of the air operations have been fulfilled, as a result of the good cooperation of the airport administration with all the institutions involved in organizing the UEFA Europa League Final.

I noticed that Athletic Bilbao fans were dissatisfied with certain delays. I want to remind them that it wasn't the airport or the staff's fault. Tour operators, who have scheduled charter flights, should be held accountable for any delays and even the airlines that operated these special flights.

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