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On February 6, Accent Travel & Events launched, an online travel booking platform that offers the complete solution for any trip - plane tickets, hotel, themed packages or city breaks. Three of the innovations that Traveo brings to the Romanian market are the Get Away, Weekend Search and Activity Search functionalities. comes to meet the new trends in the tourism market in Romania, where more and more people prefer to travel independently, make their own reservations and effortlessly find the best options according to their own style. Thus, Traveo offers its users greater flexibility and freedom in finding the best solutions for their travels.

An important innovation brought by is the system Get Away by which the traveler can define a budget, an area and a period in which he wishes to travel and receives more offers from which he can choose. Also, on the Romanian market we are also looking for specific activities, which allows the user to find packages suitable for his hobbies (eg winter sports, shopping or fishing) and search only after the weekend, useful to those who want to escape on a city break at the end of the week. is based on a customized version of the TRIP platform, a powerful, innovative software with modular architecture, a multitasking platform that allows the connection to the most important international tourism service providers. Traveo launches with 14 of the largest suppliers, including Amadeus, Gulliver Travel Associates or Expedia. The system accesses over 170.000 of hotels and over 450 of airlines.

Starting with 2012, Accent Travel & Events changed the entire technological architecture of the agency, from mid and back office to the inventory solution for the tour operator area and implemented a new reservation system. All these changes have allowed a natural transition to the online area.

The investment is about 500.000 euros, both in software development, implementation of inventory and reservation solutions, design, as well as in vendor licenses, call centers or marketing.

The positioning of the Traveo brand is "the complete solution for any trip", and the values ​​that define it are "complete", "flexible", "quality offers", "easy to use" and "performance".

To be clear, I was looking for a city break for Hamburg around my birthday. For 2 years I have been trying to reach Wunderland Miniatur, especially to visit Knuffingen Airport.

And I found at 361 EUR - plane ticket with Lufthansa and accommodation at a 3-star hotel.


I like the idea of ​​being able to search and book in real time the accommodation and the plane ticket in just a few clicks and at will. The platform is at the beginning of the road, but it promises a lot. As I wrote above, the databases are very large: over 450 of airlines and over 170 000 of accommodation units worldwide. Travel planning is easier with Traveo.

Where do you want to travel?

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