Tourists can benefit from free sunbeds and parking at the hotels in Mamaia resort!

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Lately, we are witnessing a media lynching on the Mamaia resort. We see how the prices for sunbeds are exaggerated, how the emphasis is on public parking lots where the rate is 94 lei / day, we see how the idea that Resort Mamaia it is a very expensive resort etc.

Why do I say it's exaggerated? Because in reality, tourists can benefit from free sunbeds and parking at many hotels in Mamaia resort! At the same time, on the other beach sectors, which are not managed by hoteliers, the price of the sunbed in Mamaia resort starts from 25 lei / day.

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It would be better for the press not to generalize and not to consider a trader who decided to be different from the whole resort. I have always said that in Mamaia resort there are accommodation and beaches for all budgets.

Free sunbeds and parking at the hotels in Mamaia resort

Mamaia resort does not only mean luxury accommodation and fitness clubs. For example, in Mamaia resort you can stay at 3 * hotels with prices starting from 199 lei / night, in the context in which in Eforie Nord the accommodation at 3 * hotel starts from 150 lei / night.

There are hotels as well ZENITH CONFERENCE & SPA, where Tourists benefit from 2 free sun loungers and an umbrella, and free parking is available. We gave this hotel as an example because it is one of our favorites on the Romanian coast. It has good prices, quality services.

Personally, I criticized the chaotic way in which the beaches were widened and the fact that they were abandoned last year. But this year everything returned to normal regarding the arrangement of the beaches, the hoteliers were able to put their sunbeds on the beach and to arrange the beach bars.

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I criticized what I had to criticize and I praised what deserved to be praised. I agree with the idea that there are still many problems to be solved in Mamaia resort and on Romanian seaside. But we must admit that there are also good hotels, decent prices.

Currently, the Mamaia resort is being sabotaged in the media, and the effect can be seen on the entire Romanian coast. Horeca complains that the hotels are almost empty. There are many hoteliers in Mamaia who say that, in the middle of the summer season, the occupancy rate is only 40%. Ok, I always said that Romanians travel where they want to feel good. But I can't even accept the lies or exaggerated information rolled in the media. Let's display the reality and only then let the people choose correctly, knowingly.

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  1. […] But even at the standard rate set by the authorities in Constanța, parking for 24 hours in Mamaia has become considerably cheaper. We remind you that in the zero zone the parking fee is paid starting from 2 lei/first hour; 2 hours = 6 lei; 3 hours = 10 lei; +1 hour = 4 lei. A simplified calculation shows that anyone who parks in the zero zone can pay only 38 lei/24 hours, of which 14 hours are free. But, as we specified in other articles, some hotels in Mamaia offer free parking! […]

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