Turkish Airlines is considering flying from Timisoara, Iasi or Brasov.

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Representatives of Turkish Airlines, led by Ali Armagan Otlak, general manager, went to Timisoara to discuss the possibility of introducing an airline to and from Istanbul, announces adevarul.ro.

The discussions at the Timiş County Council, coordinated by Vice President Alexandru Proteasa, were preceded by a meeting of the Turkish Airlines delegation with representatives of the management of Timisoara International Airport and also included charter flights, interesting for Timisoara travel agencies. 

Currently, the Turkish company is analyzing the advantages offered by three airports in Romania (Timisoara, Brasov and Iasi), and will choose a single city. The year in which Turkish Airlines wants to launch the fourth route to Romania, after Bucharest, Constanța and Cluj, was not mentioned, but it will certainly not be too soon to Brasov.

In the current context, Timisoara International Airport has great chances to be a winner and has the best chances to be connected with Istanbul International Airport through direct flights operated by Turkish Airlines. At the same time, at Timisoara Airport there is an expansion plan that will only bring benefits for potential operators. 

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