A helicopter crashed in Colombia. See how the pilot escaped!

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A helicopter has crashed in Colombia and at least one person escaped through an antenna tower after the aircraft became entangled in cables shortly after takeoff.

On February 26, a Bell 206L-3 helicopter, registration HK4810, became stuck between an antenna tower and a building after taking off from a heliport in the Manrique neighborhood of the Colombian city of Medellín.

For reasons still unknown, the aircraft lost stability, went out of control and struck the antenna tower, becoming trapped between it and the building. To date, the state of health of the 6 occupants of the helicopter, including 5 passengers and the pilot, is unknown.

The Technical Directorate for the Investigation of Accidents in Colombia indicated via social networks that it will investigate what happened.

In the footage from the following video circulating on social media, the aircraft can be seen taking off and shortly after spinning until it crashes. It can also be seen that at least one person manages to get out of the helicopter by clinging to the tower.

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