A JetBlue passenger was fined $ 14.500 for disruptive behavior on board the aircraft and not wearing a mask.

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On December 23, 2020, passengers on a JetBlue flight were forced to witness unimaginable scenes on a plane. One passenger brought alcohol on board and began consuming it, which is against federal regulations. Then he started talking loudly, arguing with his chair neighbors, refusing to wear a mask, and got on the map with the cabin crew. All this time, the recalcitrant passenger refused to wear a mask.

Following this behavior, the aircraft commander declared a state of emergency and decided to return the aircraft to the airport of departure. This is a JetBlue flight operating on the route New York - Dominican Republic. Such behavior is considered unacceptable on Jetblue flights, as the company's policy is aligned with federal law and nose and mouth coverage is mandatory on US airline flights in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The recalcitrant passenger was fined by the US Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) $ 14500, and he has 30 days to respond to the enforcement.

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