United has confirmed it will lay off more than 16 employees

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As of October 1, 2020, US airlines have announced massive layoffs. More than 75 people will be fired of the largest airlines with the expiration of the CARES program, a government program to support employees during the pandemic.

United has confirmed it will lay off more than 16 employees, about 50% of the initial estimate and that's because many employees have already left the company volunteers.

The layoffs will be made from several departments. More than 6200 flight attendants and 2800 pilots will be fired, over 2000 people from the technical department, over 2200 people from airport operations, 1400 people from administrative and management structures and several hundred other people from catering, customer relations and IT.

There is also a hint of optimism about the extension of the US state aid program. Donald Trump said on September 1 that air operators must be helped and supports the expansion of payroll aid.

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