USB Type-C will become the common port for all mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices marketed in the European Union

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EU member states have reached an agreement on the introduction of a universal charger for all mobile devices in Europe in 2024.

"By the fall of 2024, USB-C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices in the EU." it is stated in a communiqué of the European Parliament.

Many mobile device manufacturers have already adopted USB-C, also known as USB Type-C, the only one that uses another port is Apple. While iPhone phones are charged via a Lightning port, Android devices are powered by USB-C connectors.

By 2024, the American group Apple will have to change the connector of the iPhone phones sold in Europe, following the introduction, for the first time in the world, of the universal charger in the EU, Reuters also writes. The European Commission believes that using the universal charger in the EU will make life easier for consumers and help them save money. The universal charger will also apply to laptops, e-readers or headphones.

Personally, I agree with the standardization of these chargers because, not infrequently, I had to carry cables with me for every gadget and the backpack became quite heavy. This way I can carry 1-2-3 chargers to use when charging mobile devices. For a traveler, this decision matters a lot because we still lose weight in our backpack!

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