(Video) Airbus A320 Germanwings crashed in Alps: 8 minutes of controlled descent

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A type aircraft Airbus A320 under Germanwings crashed in the French Alps. The plane operated 4U9525, on the Barcelona - Düsseldorf route, and had 150 persons on board.

Airbus A320 Germanwings took off at 10: 00 (local time) from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and was due to land at Düsseldorf around 11: 55 (local time). The plane reached cruise altitude FL380, at 10: 27. Starting with 10: 31, the aircraft started to lose altitude very quickly. According to information provided by Flightaware, A320 (D-AIPX) Germanwings it went down on average by up to 1219.200 meters per minute, from 11582.40 meters altitude (FL380 - 38 000 feet) to 1828.800 meters, the altitude at which contact with the control tower was lost, around 10: 53, at 53 minutes after take off.

The aircraft flew at cruising level, ie about 12 thousand meters, for 5-7 minutes, after which we have a fairly steep descent. The flight path of the A320 is now under investigation. Adelin Petrişor and the pilot Cezar Osiceanu tried to offer possible explanations, on Telejurnal - TVR1.

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