(Video) Landing and take-off of an Airbus A318 TAROM in Skiathos, Greece

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Skiathos, one of the most famous islands and tourist destinations in Greece, is recognized among aviation enthusiasts as the second St. Maarten. This is due to the location of the airport, the runway being bordered at both ends of the Mediterranean, and in the south there is an access road where spotting enthusiasts go to photograph planes.

Airbus A318 TAROM the Skiathos


Landings and take-offs are made from and to the sea, a setting very similar to what happens in St Maarten, the heaven of aircraft photographers and those who want to feel the power of a blast jet.

Diana Slav, one of Airlines Travel's loyal readers, was in Skiathos (August 2014) and sent us some interesting photos that I invite you to follow below. He also surprised the Airbus A318 TAROM aircraft at landing.

Also watch the video made by the people from TheGreatFlyer. Airbus A318 TAROM aircraft at landing and take off.

At Skiathos airport we will not see larger Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The runway of only 1628 meters does not allow the landing of larger aircraft. Also due to the small dimensions of the runway, the aircraft cannot take much fuel at take-off, and the flights need a technical refueling stop at Thessaloniki. The Boeing 757 is the only aircraft that can take off with a little more fuel, thus making the flights nonstop. This type of aircraft is used by Thomas Cook Airlines, Monarch Airlines and Thomson Airways.

TAROM is the only airline operating charter flights from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara to Skiathos, Greece. Airbus A318-111 aircraft are used.

More pictures from Skiathos airport, Greece!

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