(Video) The first Airbus A320 Vueling with Wi-Fi

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In April 2014, I wrote the news: Vueling wants to offer high speed internet on board its aircraft. At first I was surprised by the plans Vueling and I thought it would be a good time until we saw them put into practice.


Here it was about 1 a year, and Vueling went to work. The Spanish operator has reached an agreement with Telefonica to offer high-speed Wi-Fi on board four aircraft Airbus A320, and the first was presented on 16 March 2015.

The A320 (EC-LZN) Vueling aircraft has been configured and equipped with the technology necessary to provide high speed internet through Wi-Fi. Vueling officials promise speeds up to 20 Mbps in flight. This will be the future in terms of service on board aircraft.

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