When is Black Friday 2024 at eMAG, Altex, Flanco?

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Black Friday 2024 in Romania is the biggest shopping event of 2024. Although the idea of ​​Black Friday was greatly diluted by different stores in Romania, which organized different discount campaigns under this name throughout the year, one thing could not change and that is the classic Black Friday organized by eMAG.

When is Black Friday 2024

The big online stores in Romania each determine the day or period in which they organize Black Friday. Some retailers choose to keep the American tradition and hold Black Friday on the last Friday in November (November 29, 2024), others start the discount campaign in October and hold it for several weeks. And there is more eMAG which organizes Black Friday on a Friday, but not the American one.

Being the store that brought this trend to Romania, the real Black Friday in Romania is the one associated with eMAG and, inevitably, all other stores try to align with the big retail.

Black Friday at eMAG in 2024

In 2024, eMAG is organizing Black Friday on November 15. The discounts will start in the morning and there will be offers throughout the day on Friday. In 2023, eMag customers ordered more than 2,8 million products across all categories on Black Friday, both from eMAG's offerings and from the 8.300 Marketplace sellers, up nearly 29% year-over-year. The value of orders increased by 24 million lei compared to 2022, up to 750 million lei.

Black Friday at Flanco in 2024

For 2024, Flanco announces expanded stock of discounted products across all categories and promises deals on one million products.

Black Friday at Altex in 2024

Altex is one of those stores that organized and organizes discount campaigns under the title of Black Friday throughout the year. Altex does not have a fixed date, so it can always surprise us with a discount shopping session.

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