What are the disgruntled pilots drawing in the sky: a penis near Sicily!

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A Lufthansa pilot drew a penis in the sky after being asked to divert his flight to Malta. The pilot at the helm of the plane flying from Frankfurt to Catania on July 28 was unhappy at being asked to divert to Malta.

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport was not fully operational after the July 16 fire and several flights had to land at other nearby airports. Other voices say that the diversion would have been necessary due to strong winds.

data Flightradar24 they showed that after receiving the diversion request, the Lufthansa aircraft flew past Catania, then, for 16 minutes, drew a penis through its trajectory. The plane then returned to its route and continued to fly to Malta, where it landed about 35 minutes later, Flightradar24 data shows.

It remains unclear if the pilot intentionally designed the shape or if it was a hold trajectory. Insider asked Lufthansa about this, but the airline avoided giving an official answer.

It is not the first time that a pilot has drawn a penis in the sky through the flight path. Earlier in the year, a Maltese Air Force helicopter reportedly made a detour to draw a similar pattern over Malta.

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