Wizz Air allocates two additional planes to the Bucharest base and hopes for a problem-free 2024!

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Since the pandemic, aviation has not been the same. In recent years, at least from 2021 until now, many airlines have faced all kinds of problems, which have led to flight delays and cancellations, causing discomfort to passengers. There were times of the year when flying became a lottery. "Are we flying?", a question we also received from the editorial office.

More planes to Bucharest, more flights

One of the companies with numerous problems in this direction was Wizz Air, being also the largest in Romania if we refer to the fleet allocated to the bases in our country, the number of weekly flights and the number of passengers transported. Inevitably, it also caused the most inconvenience to Romanian passengers.

On October 3, Wizz Air held a press conference to announce future plans and how they are preparing for the 2024 summer season. To mitigate seasonal issues, Wizz Air will allocate 2 additional aircraft to the Bucharest base from June 2024 With the allocation of the two planes, the low-cost airline will increase the frequencies on 20 routes from / to Bucharest and open the route Bucharest – Leipzig.

Routes with additional flights, from 2024

RouteWeekly flights
Bucharest - Alicante3 – 4
Bucharest - Barcelona11 – 14
Bucharest - Malaga3 – 5
Bucharest - Tenerife3 – 4
Bucharest - Valencia5 – 7
Bucharest - Athens4 – 7
Bucharest - Paris Beauvais9 – 12
Bucharest - Catania4 – 7
Bucharest - Milan Bergamo14 – 16
Bucharest - Rome Fiumicino12 – 14
Bucharest - Treviso9 – 11
Bucharest - Turin3 – 4
Bucharest - Dortmund9 – 11
Bucharest - Brussels Charleroi9 – 11
Bucharest - Copenhagen5 – 7
Bucharest - Dubai2 – 3
Bucharest - Larnaca4 – 5
Bucharest - Liverpool2 – 3
Bucharest – Memmingen3 – 4
Bucharest - Prague2 – 3
Bucharest - Thessaloniki2 – 3

With this investment, the airline will have 19 aircraft stationed and 800 people who will work at the base in Bucharest, this becoming Wizz Air's largest base, at the same time consolidating its leading position on the Romanian market, with a share of 57 %.

Caesar reviews the evolution of Wizz Air in 2023. The company faced a very poor start to the summer season due to problems with canceled or delayed flights. Along the way, however, things improved.

Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi noted that additional measures have been taken to avoid problems, such as standby aircraft allocation, standby crew allocation, early supply of spare parts to reduce repair times, scaled call center department. Most likely, the same measures will be taken in the summer of 2024.

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