Wizz Air announces the official launch of the "EU COVID Digital Certificate" in Romania

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Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, informs passengers that the European Union is introducing a "EU COVID digital certificate" from 1 July, which will allow the holder to travel to the EU without quarantine or, in some cases, without the obligation to test.

Those who have already been vaccinated have a negative PCR test and those who have recovered from Covid-19 infection are eligible for the new digital document. In case of healing, the certificate is valid for 180 days after the first test with a positive result. The document is issued free of charge in the Member States of the European Union upon request and is accepted in Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, in addition to the 27 EU Member States.

The certificate, which may be stored on a telephone or tablet, may be issued by test centers and authorized health authorities at the discretion of the responsible national authorities and should be valid with a QR code and in the printed version upon request. citizens. The QR code on the passenger certificate will be verified by ground handling companies before check-in and by border officers, without storing or processing personal data.

Wizz Air announces the official launch of the "EU COVID Digital Certificate" in Romania and 20% discounts on tickets.

The "EU COVID digital certificate" is not a travel document on its own and does not replace other travel documents, it is still essential to present a valid identity card or passport when traveling. More information about the COVID digital certificate is available at website European Council.

In Romania, the "EU COVID digital certificate" can be obtained free of charge by accessing the secure portal certificat-covid.gov.ro. Certificates for vaccination, recovery after Covid-19 and for tests can be obtained, the latter can be obtained whenever necessary. The authorities emphasize that it is very important that the COVID digital certificate is generated a few days before leaving abroad. A person can generate certificates for all family members, including children, and documents can also be generated in English.

To celebrate the introduction of the "EU COVID Digital Certificate" and this important crossroads when it comes to travel in Europe, Wizz Air today offers a 20% discount on the ticket price for certain flights in the European Union. Flights must be completed by October 31, 2021.

Passengers can check the latest access conditions on the Wizz Air website at the section Trip planning map, but consulting the official consular websites of countries and / or cities before take-off is also recommended, for the safety of a carefree travel. The consular website of the country of destination must be checked for information on the acceptance of the various immunization certificates, the list constantly expanding. Wizz Air also recommends travel before the flight to verify the imposed conditions and, if necessary, renew expired or expiring travel documents.

Flights can be booked online on wizzair.com and through mobile application. Service WIZZ Flex continues to be an essential guarantee for travel this summer. Passengers can add the service at the time of booking, allowing them to reschedule their booking for another Wizz Air flight in the event of an unexpected event, as well as a change of date or route. This service not only ensures a carefree summer vacation, but also the fact that there will be no surprises at the planning stage.

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