Wizz Air has announced the new WIZZ brand ambassadors from Romania

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Wizz Air has announced the 20 new WIZZ ambassadors from among the best flight crew members in 14 countries. Two flight attendants from Romania, Cristina Rada and Liana Sărmășan, are also ambassadors of the program.

The new brand WIZZ ambassadors from Romania

Wizz Air's new Ambassador Program will run for the next two years. Between 2022 and 2024, new airline representatives will attend events, support sustained recruitment efforts and many other special online and offline projects.

Cristina Rada - brand ambassador Wizz Air

Cristina Rada she is one of the two ambassadors in Romania. She joined Wizz Air 3 years ago and is currently a flight attendant at the Bucharest base, creating a pleasurable flight experience for WIZZ passengers arriving in all corners of Europe.

Cristina is passionate about fitness, theater and traveling. You can get to know Cristina Rada better and join her on the journey to the most fascinating destinations in Europe, entering her profiles of TikTok and Facebook, as well as following Instagram, where it already has a beautiful community.

Liana Sarmasan - brand ambassador Wizz Air

Liana Sarmasan is a well-known member of the crew at the base in Cluj-Napoca, joining Wizz Air 11 years ago. She is an experienced flight attendant, as a senior, being one of the first Wizz Air ambassadors since 2011. Liana loves her career in the clouds and enjoys dancing and traveling - exploring the world and discovering new cultures - which helps her to be in shape after each take-off. Join the welcoming community of Liana Sărmășan from Instagram and find out more about what it means to have a career as a flight attendant.

Wizz Air Ambassador Program from 2022-2024

Wizz Air Ambassador Program from 2022-2024 It is designed to share the benefits of an "office" among the clouds and to share the stories of 20 talented and devoted members of the flight crew. They were chosen following an internal competition in which all crew members who had been part of the Wizz Air team for at least one year were able to participate, and the final ambassadors were chosen from bases in the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Great Britain and Ukraine. Since the selection process is open, all crew members can become ambassadors, and any new or incoming crew member can become an ambassador.

The ambassadors represent the best members of the WIZZ team. They will take part in a variety of activities, with a platform to share their passion for flying and to inspire others to follow. flight attendant career the WIZZ. In the context of the resurgence of the aviation industry and Wizz Air's goal of becoming a group of 500 aircraft by 2030, as well as its strategy of continued growth, ambassadors will support recruitment efforts and prove to other aspirants that passion and determination are the key to an aviation success story.

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