Canceled flights from / to Otopeni Airport - Bucharest (January 11, 2017)

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Pe Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest and Bucharest International Airport Băneasa Aurel Vlaicu, the air traffic is conducted in winter conditions. It lands and takes off safely.

TAROM: Flights canceled - January 11, 2017

Due to the weather conditions, the company TAROM canceled the races 311/312 Bucharest - Sibiu - Munich - Bucharest, 705/706 Bucharest - Iasi - Bucharest, 201/202 Bucharest - Chisinau - Bucharest, 603/604 Bucharest - Timisoara - Bucharest and 643/644 Bucharest - Cluj Napoca - Bucharest, passengers to be picked up today on the following flights to the same destinations.

Turkish Airlines: Flights canceled - January 11, 2017

Turkish Airlines has announced the cancellation of flights TK1043 / TK1044 Istanbul - Bucharest - Istanbul.

Austrian Airlines: Flights canceled - January 11, 2017

Due to weather conditions in Romania, Austrian Airlines canceled the flight 768 Bucharest - Vienna!

Many flights have flight delays, due to the need to defrost the aircraft.

In view of the extremely low weather conditions and temperatures during this period, which can cause delays for aircraft, both on departure and on arrival, Bucharest Airports recommends:

• Check the status of the flight, before starting at the airport, directly at the airline or on the official website
• To arrive at the airport for check-in and security check-ups at least 2 hours before departure time.

CAREFUL! Even if the flight has delays, you must comply with the initial departure time specified on the boarding pass!

• If you need additional information on the status of your flights, you can call the Information Office:
Departure information: + 4 (021) 204 1210; + NOTHING (NOTHING) NOTHING NOTHING
Arrival information: + 4 (021) 204 1220; + NOTHING (NOTHING) NOTHING NOTHING
CAREFUL! Lines can be occupied longer due to the large number of people requesting information. Our colleagues make every effort to take all calls.
• If you miss your flight due to adverse weather conditions, please contact the airline that issued your ticket directly. The airport is not responsible for such situations.
• If you have complaints regarding the loss or damage of luggage, please contact the handling companies directly: perdute
• If the flight is delayed, please keep calm. The airport employees intervene constantly with their own machines to maintain the moving surface in optimal conditions. Also, defrosting aircraft is a time-consuming operation. Passenger safety is always our priority!

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