Flights Bucharest - London - Bucharest with British Airways will be moved to T5 (video)

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Starting with 27 October 2013, British Airways flights to and from Bucharest will be transferred from the 3 Terminal to the 5 Terminal at Heathrow Airport. Thus, British Airways guests from Romania will have the opportunity to experience the special facilities of the 5 Terminal and to enjoy faster connections for long-haul British Airways flights.


These benefits come as a complement to the benefits offered by British Airways in terms of airline ticket prices. Business guests wishing to fly to the United States and Canada can do so at attractive prices and enjoy the optimal London Heathrow connections offered by both British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia partners, as well as new Airbus 380 aircraft. and Boeing Dreamliner 787.

LONDON, UK: British Airways' first Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrives at London Heathrow on 27 June 2013 (Picture by Jeff Garrish / British Airways)

Prices in the World Traveler (economy) cabin start at 589 EUR for New York, 654 EUR for Washington, 664 EUR for Chicago and 705 EUR for Los Angeles. For stylish travel in the Club World (business) cabin, prices start at 2506 EUR for Chicago, 2346 EUR for New York, 2616 EUR for flights to Washington, 2796 EUR for Los Angeles and 2810 EUR for Toronto. The prices include all taxes and depend on the places available, as well as the terms and conditions.

Appointed in 2012 "The best terminal in the world”At the World Airport Awards, T5 serves between 480 and 520 flights daily and between 60.000 and 75.000 passengers. Launched in March 2008, Terminal 5 was created based on the premise of simplifying air travel at one of the busiest airports in the world - Heathrow, London.

Through T5, British Airways offers its guests the opportunity to spend their time as they wish. They can easily move inside the departure area, where they can relax, eat, shop or work, all in a modern environment. Guests at First, Club World (business cabin for long-haul flights), Club Europe (business cabin for continental flights) as well as Gold and Silver Executive Club members can take advantage of the six British Airways lounges available at T5, giving them the opportunity to work or relax.

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