10 of the worst airports in the world: rude staff and endless queues! See where Henri Coanda Bucharest International Airport is!

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According to a survey by AirHelp8 of the 10 worst airports in the world are in Europe. Respondents complained of endless queues and rude staff, Business Insider.

The AirHelp survey assesses the travel experience based on three criteria: punctuality of flights and quality of airport services (60% of the rating); ground services (20% of rating); food and shops (20% of rating).

Following this survey, Qatar airport was named the best in the world, with a score of 8.39 / 10. But on the other hand, we have 10 of the weakest airports in the world.

10. Gatwick (London, UK)

Overall score: 6,62 / 10. It is the second largest airport in the UK and many visitors complain that it is too crowded but also noisy. Some also complain that it has "horrible infrastructure" for children.

9. Billy Bishop (Toronto, Canada)

Overall score: 6,5 / 10. Canada's ninth largest airport served 282.000 passengers in 2021. Although it tops AirHelp's list of the world's worst airports, it has fairly good reviews on Skytrax.

8. Porto (Porto, Portugal)

Overall score: 6,46 / 10. Portugal's second largest airport served at least 13 million people in 2019. And differing views on this airport. For example, one passenger says it is one of the best airports in Europe, while another complains about the quality of the food and the extremely long queues.

7. Orly (Paris, France)

Overall score: 6,37 / 10. The second largest airport in Paris has a lot of dissatisfied visitors and very low ratings on Skytrax. One passenger described it as "the worst airport of all time", while another complained that it had such a "slow and long" wait that it lost its flight.

6. Manchester (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Overall score: 6,26 / 10. The third largest airport in the UK, although it has a decent rating in services and stores, loses many points in the consistency of services. In fact, one of the visitors states that he waited more than two hours to pick up his suitcase.

5. Malta International Airport (Malta)

Overall score: 6,05 / 10. The only airport in the country has an extremely low score. Some say the airport is too small for the number of passengers it serves and that delays are frequent.

4. Henri Coandă (Bucharest, Romania)

Overall score: 6,03 / 10. The largest airport in the country, which served almost 7 million passengers in 2021, has low scores on all three criteria. One passenger said the staff was "somewhat aggressive" and unfriendly. Another passenger says the airport reminded him of the 1960s.

3. Eindhoven (Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Overall score: 5,92 / 10. The second largest airport in the Netherlands is said to be very small and has "very rude staff", according to one passenger. Another critic notes that the airport is like a "stable", as passengers are asked to wait in the open air.

2. Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait City, Kuwait)

Overall score: 5,78 / 10. The airport served at least 15 million visitors in 2019 and has a low rating. Some passengers complained about the smell of the premises, but also about the unprofessional behavior of the employees.

1. Lisbon Humberto Delgado (Lisbon, Portugal)

Overall score: 5,76 / 10. It is the 16th largest airport in Europe and in 2019 served 31 million passengers. Many complain about queues at passport control (up to six hours of waiting for some), which is why it has a very low consistency score.

It is possible that in 2022 this ranking will change. Due to the staffing crisis, more and more airports are facing congestion and endless queues at security checkpoints or checkin offices. At the same time, there are long waiting times when picking up luggage.

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