10 interesting and funny information from the world of civil aviation

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The world of aviation hides many secrets, some of them funny, interesting and others that we might not know. Every day, the Airlines Travel team comes with information about airlines, airplanes, airports and many more related to the aviation industry.

In this article we present 10 interesting and funny information from aviation. Some topics have been discussed on this site, others have not. We've all probably wondered what could happen if a "madman" tried to open the security door, about food on the plane, about accidents and incidents, which is the safest place on the plane, and the list goes on. But I'd better let you read about the 10 truths in aviation, a kind of "did you know that?"

1. Did you know that pilots and toddlers eat different dishes?

A pilot from China Eastern Airlines told CNN that the pilot and co-pilot must consume different dishes to avoid food poisoning. There are cases when one of the menus can cause inconvenience. Also, the pilot receives the first class menu, and the co-pilot receives the one from the business class.

2. The chances of getting involved in a plane crash are extremely low.

Aviophobia is the fear of flight and many people have it, but maybe we can help you get rid of it. The risk of being killed in a plane crash is on average 1 to 11 million, compared to the average 1 to 5000 in car accidents.

3. If you were to crash, you know who it is the safest place on the plane?

A study by Popular Mechanics has shown that passengers who sit in the rear seats have a higher chance of surviving with 40% than those in the front row. Other studies show the opposite. We have stated that: There is no “safest place” in an airplane because there are many factors that can influence an incident / accident. So I recommend you choose the places you want, which you find comfortable, etc!

4. Did you know that the aviation industry generates about 640 billion dollars a year worldwide?

It is! And the 600 of American airlines generates about 175 of billions of dollars.

5. The food tastes different on the plane

Before the plane takes off, the air in the cabin dries our noses. And as the plane goes up, the change in air pressure numbs one third of the taste buds. Because of this, we feel the food taste different. To avoid such inconvenience, the food delivered to the aircraft is better seasoned.

american airlines

6. American Airlines has reduced costs by removing one olive from each salad.

In the 1980 year, Robert Crandall, then the director of American Airlines, made an agreement with the food distributors and removed an olive from each salad served on airplanes. Thus he managed to save 40 000 by dollars a year.

7. A Boeing 727 took off in the year 2003 and has since disappeared.

On May 25, 2003, pilot Benjamin Padilla took off at the helm of a Boeing 727, a plane he had purchased from American Airlines 2 years earlier. That day, the aircraft disappeared forever. Nobody knows where he is, and Benjamin Padilla's sister thinks he crashed somewhere in Africa. But where is the plane?

8. Did you know that the white spike left by a plane in the sky can be used to predict the weather?

The footprints left by airplanes in the sky consist of water vapor. A short and less lasting trace indicates low humidity and good weather. A long and long lasting trace can be the indicator of a storm start, bad weather, etc.

9. It is difficult / impossible to open a plane door during the flight

At least you don't have to worry about anyone trying to open a plane door in flight. Once the plane takes off, the cabin pressurizes, creating more pressure inside the plane than outside. In addition, the aircraft doors are equipped with additional safety systems.

10. Did you know that the busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta?

With over 90 million passengers and 950 000 aircraft take-offs and landings every year, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is the busiest in the world. However, Dubai's new airport, Dubai World Central, is ready to receive this title. The massive 32 billion-dollar airport is expected to host about 160 million passengers a year.

  1. Lucian M Mustache says

    1,2 and 3 I knew.
    The other ones are just as interesting, however, I would have to object to 9. It is difficult / impossible to open the aircraft door only due to the safety mechanisms. Logically, the pressurization of the aircraft would "help" its opening, given that it opens outwards and the pressure is greater inside. 😉

    1. wilderness says

      I mean trying to open a jar that contained something that fermented and created some pressure, how easy would it be to open it?

      1. Sorin Rusi says

        More specifically, it would be an empty jar. The idea is that from the inside you cannot open the door, not very easily 🙂

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