10 seaside resorts in Bulgaria ideal for a beautiful holiday on the Bulgarian coast.

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In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Bulgaria has opened its borders to tourists. It was one of the few European countries that did not impose restrictions on those who traveled from Romania. And with all this relaxation, Bulgaria has not been brought to its knees by the new coronavirus. Dozens of seaside resorts in Bulgaria await their tourists every year.

After all, I think a summer is missed if I don't go to sea for a few days. If you do not have time for a full stay, you make time to visit the sea at least on a weekend, otherwise the summer is not complete.

10 ideal Bulgarian seaside resorts on the Bulgarian coast

And if you don't like the Romanian seaside, run to the southern neighbors. Bulgaria has a very well developed coastal area, so it will remain one of the favorite holiday destinations of Romanians. You can relax on one of the the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. Another benefit is the extended season, which begins in April-May and lasts until October.

We invite you to an easy reading about 10 top resorts on the Bulgarian coast.


Albena - Bulgarian coast

SThe Black Sea coastline is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, 12 km from Balchik and 30 km from Varna. Specially built as a tourist resort, Albena has a unique architectural style. Most hotels are located on the beach.

The beach of the resort is 5 km long and 150 m wide, with fine sand, the sea water being clean, calm and warm. The water depth does not exceed 1.5 meters at a distance of 100–150 meters from the shore. Visitors have to choose one of the 43 hotels, which can offer approximately 20.000 accommodation places.

The name of the resort is also the name of a character from a story written by the Bulgarian Yordan Yovkov, Albena being a Bulgarian female first name.

Golden Sands

The resort is the pearl of the Bulgarian coast, located 15 km from Albena and about 18 km from Varna. It is spread over the territory of the "Golden Sands" National Park.

The name of the resort comes from a local legend that says that pirates buried a treasure on the Black Sea cliff, in the northern part of Varna, and nature turned gold into fine, golden sand.

It is the largest resort on the north coast of the Black Sea, with wooded hills, golden beaches and crystal clear sea. The beach is 3,5 km long and about 100 m wide. In summer, the average air temperature is 27-30 degrees and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees.


Nessebar - Bulgarian coast

City located 120 km from Balchik, is located on a peninsula with a length of 850 m and a width of 350 m, which is reached by an isthmus. Over time, the resort of Nessebar has lost 1/3 of its territory, being covered by the sea.

At 80 meters from the shore, you can still see - under water - the remains of the fortress walls. So far, only the western wall has been preserved, which holds the gate of the city facing the mainland.

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, being built on the ancient settlements of the Thracian city of Mesambria and colonized by the Greeks in 510 AD. The patron saint of the city is the god Apollo, the Greeks building a temple and a theater to show their respect. Currently, the city is protected by UNESCO.

The resort has the finest sand on the Bulgarian coast, the houses are painted white with a red roof, with churches that have a diverse architecture that will surely impress you and do not forget that. is the city with the most romantic coves.

Sunny Beach

The resort is one of the largest on the Black Sea coast in Bularia. Located 36 km from Bourgas and 88 km from Varna, Sunny Beach has over 100 hotels. The beach is 8 km long and is located in a natural bay, surrounded by the peaks of the Balkan Mountains.

Sunny Beach is located between the mountains and the sea, in the vicinity of the ancient town of Nessebar. The resort is the optimal holiday option because it offers possibilities for any taste and any pocket. The beach of the resort has been "decorated" since 1996 with "Blue Flag" for its high quality and excellent services.

St. Constantine and Helen

St. Constantine and Helena - Bulgarian coast

The resort is one of the first to appear on the Bulgarian coast in 1908. The oldest resort in Bulgaria has many beautiful parks, intimate beaches hidden by cliffs and bays, fine sand and clear waters.

The name of the resort comes from the monastery that was located in the area. Later, it was transformed into a luxury hotel complex. The resort is 9 km from Varna.

The individuality of the resort are the springs with mineral and thermal water (+ 360C), but also of a famous balneological center. The resort is recommended both for relaxation and for treatment and rest.


The city is located on the Black Sea coast, 60 km from Vama Veche. In Balchik is the Castle which was also the favorite residence of Queen Maria of Romania. It is surrounded by a unique botanical garden in Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to its cacti collection.

It is nicknamed the "White City" because of the white hills that surround it. The shore is also called the "Silver Coast". The town has important tourist attractions, such as: Balchik Botanical Garden, Queen Maria Castle, Winery.


Burgas - Bulgaria coast

Burgas is the fourth city in Bulgaria, located in the southeast of the country, and is also an industrial center. Situated on the shores of the Black Sea, the city was avoided by foreign tourists due to massive industrialization. However, the city has wonderful beaches that are worth visiting and that could be a starting point for visiting other resorts on the Bulgarian coast, such as Slantchev Briag or Duni.

The area is developed for tourism and offers accommodation in 90 hotels and 17 campsites. Annually, the area attracts about 2.5 million tourists, Bulgarian or foreign citizens.


The resort is 12 km from Primorsko and 6 km from Sozopol, in a bay with crystal clear water. Sheltered by the Strandzhana mountain, Duni is a popular resort with a small beach 4.5 km long.

The bay area is picturesque and many water sports can be practiced. The beach is divided into three areas - Peliocan, Marina and Panorama. The architects who designed the resort tried to create a picturesque and romantic village with cobbled streets, flower gardens and small houses.


Obzor - Bulgarian coast

The resort is 65 km from Varna and 40 km from Nessebar, with many advantages for a small resort. The old name was Naulochos, when it was just a port on the Thracian coast that was part of the Mesembria colony. The Romans gave the name of Templum Iovis (Temple of Jupiter), and the Greeks called the resort Heliopolis - "City of the Sun".

It is a resort full of history, and this can be seen through the ancient columns and statues, the ruins of the fortress and the fortress that can be visited.


Kavarna is a town on the Black Sea in the region of Dobrudja, located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria and has a population of about 12.500 inhabitants. The resort is located 48 km from Varna, 49 km from Dobrich, 12 km from Cap Kaliakra and 43 km from Vama Veche. The north of the city is high and rocky, and the south is formed by a picturesque beach.

The area offers conditions for hunting tourism. We also find mineral spas and muddy areas. The city is also a destination for golf lovers because there are two courses - one between the city and Balchik, and the second being located on the coast overlooking the sea.

You'd better hurry up and plan your summer vacation. Do not leave on the last hundred meters. Obviously, take all measures to protect against the pandemic and in case you will not be able to travel.

We are waiting for you to tell us which is your favorite resort and to tell us about your experiences in Bulgaria.

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