100 passengers are stranded at Stansted Airport. HiSky was not allowed to operate the flight!

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A total of 100 passengers, who were supposed to arrive in Baia Mare on Saturday, are stranded at London's Stansted International Airport. HiSky has not been granted permission to fly. Today, December 18, should have been the first flight of the airline on the route London Stansted - Baia Mare, but the trip was canceled.

"The airline failed to obtain the right to fly from the UK, although it claims to have applied for a flight permit. In fact, the company's representatives knew yesterday (Friday - December 17) that they could not operate the flight and were looking for solutions from other airlines, companies that have the right to fly to this country, respectively the Tarom company."The director of the Sfara Tours travel agency, Diana Iluţ, told Agerpres. She said her agency handled reservations for the flight, and her daughter was among the passengers.

HiSky has not been allowed to fly from the UK!

"They neglected to inform the passengers, practically, they found out, this morning, at the airport that the flight to Baia Mare is canceled. The company was obliged to notify passengers in advance that it could not fly, so that people would not have to know only at the airport that they could no longer reach the country.", Adds the quoted source. Source: Gandul

Most of the people stranded at London airport are Romanian citizens who wanted to return to the country to spend the winter holidays. Diana Iluţ added that she received an email on Friday night to Saturday, signed by the HiSky company, in which she was informed that the flight that should have taken place at 9.45 local time was canceled.

In a message posted on Facebook, the company explains what happened.

"The flight from London to Baia Mare and Targu Mures, scheduled for December 18, has been canceled. During the pandemic, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) UK works on a limited basis. Our request to process flights from London, submitted on time, is still in the process of being approved - which has caused the cancellation of flights. HiSky apologizes for the situation and we assure you that we are working hard to find alternative solutions for our passengers. If your request has not been processed, please leave us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.".

According passenger rights in the case of canceled flights / delayed, all passengers are entitled to compensation of 400 EURO / passenger.

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