Romanians allocate between 1000 and 1500 lei for a stay in the country, the amount of a holiday voucher!

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Good news for holiday and adventure lovers in Romania! The government recently confirmed that next year will grant holiday vouchers again, after they were discontinued in 2021. Holiday vouchers can only be used in Romania, and in the case of those issued last year, still unused by tourists, the validity period can be extended until December 2022.

The measure is a welcome one for domestic tourism, but also for tourists, given that the tickets have significantly contributed to the development of the industry. According to an opinion poll conducted by the online hotel platform, 21% of respondents stated that they did not go on holiday in Romania before receiving these vouchers, while 42% of respondents stated that they traveled both in Romania, as well as abroad before granting these incentives by the state.

Also, 84% of those who responded to the questionnaire say that they have increased the number of stays they book in a year, further proof that these vouchers are an important support for the hospitality industry.

"As a result of the pandemic and the restrictions on international traffic, tourism in Romania has increased significantly, our country has become the main holiday destination for Romanians. And the granting of these tickets only stimulated their enthusiasm for the places in Romania. Holiday vouchers have played an important role for industry, on the one hand, and for tourists, on the other. They have facilitated several reservations, especially since almost all accommodation units now accept payment with holiday vouchers, and have helped tourists to travel more often in Romania. In short, the tickets were the best investment in domestic tourism ", said Rigo Ferenc, CEO of

What are the destinations in Romania where tourists used the holiday vouchers most often

Since the implementation of the measure for granting holiday vouchers and until now, Romanians have used them to book accommodation in the country, as they voted for several options in the top of their favorite destinations.

Unsurprisingly, the mountain resorts (voted by 75% of respondents) and those on the Romanian coast (also voted by 44%) lead the way in the ranking of places where tourists went with holiday vouchers, but neither the spas (31 %) and the big cities in Romania (27%) were not ignored in this regard.

How Romanians used holiday vouchers

As expected, most of the Romanians who received holiday vouchers used them to book their summer vacation (53%), the summer season being the busiest for domestic tourism. They also used vouchers to book accommodation and tourist services during extended weekends (32%), often correlated with state holidays, which were fewer this year.

8% of the respondents to the questionnaire claim that they used the tickets to book a city-break in the country, 4% of them used them for stays during the holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc.), while 3% said that they resorted to tickets on other occasions.

And that's not all. According to the survey, 69% of the holidays reserved with holiday vouchers are spent with the family, 21% of them are spent as a couple and only 10% are spent with a group of friends. These data reveal that the appearance of holiday vouchers not only stimulated domestic tourism, but also contributed to the organization of family vacations.

Regarding the type of unit for which accommodation was booked with the help of holiday vouchers, the survey reveals that 44% of the respondent tourists opted for pensions, 42% chose hotels, 8% went to chalets, villas and houses holidays, perfect units for small and medium groups, while 6% of them wanted the privacy of an apartment.

What budget did the tourists allocate for the stays supported by the holiday tickets

Regarding the allocated budget, 27.6% of the respondents claim that they gave between 1001 and 1500 RON for the stays paid with holiday vouchers. Their amount is 1450 RON, which means that most tourists tried to fit as well as possible within the limit set by the state. 24% of the survey participants answered that they spent over RON 2000, and 22.7% allocated between RON 1501 and 2000 for their stays. At the same time, 85% of beneficiaries confirm that it was necessary to supplement the budget received in the form of holiday vouchers, and 62% of them believe that the amount received is not enough to cover a holiday.

Last but not least, according to the questionnaire, 98% of respondents want to receive these tickets in 2022, which means that the government's decision to resume giving vouchers next year is auspicious for domestic tourism and will contribute massively to an increase in reservations and industry figures, especially after all the measures and restrictions imposed in the last two years.

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