From 13 May, those vaccinated can travel to Germany without restrictions. Here are the conditions!

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So now we will let you know earlier this month, the German government has prepared the package of anti-covid regulations, but from which all restrictions will be removed for those vaccinated with the full regimen or those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.

Thus, starting today, those vaccinated can travel without restrictions and without a test to Germany. For Germany, fully vaccinated means that 14 days have passed since the booster. Inoculation must be made with one of the EMA-approved vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson (single dose).

Health Minister Jens Spahn said relaxing the rules made sense, as Germany had a "pandemic-like situation" with countries classified as high-risk areas and would facilitate non-essential travel this summer. Until now, people entering Germany from high-risk areas had to isolate themselves on arrival and wait five days before undergoing a coronavirus test, which, if negative, would help them get out of quarantine.

For unvaccinated people, the five-day rule still applies when they come from countries listed in the risk category, such as Romania, France, Turkey, Poland, Serbia, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Croatia and many other European countries and around the world. .

Only those who are fully vaccinated or who can provide evidence that they have had COVID-19 and are 28 days after healing will be exempted from quarantine even when they come from "high risk" regions.

Anyone traveling to Germany by plane must still take a negative test before boarding, regardless of the country from which they fly, Spahn added.

These exceptions do not apply to those who will travel to Germany from "areas with new strains". These countries are: Botswana, India, Eswatini, Brazil, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa. In this situation, even those vaccinated / cured by COVID-19 must take a test and will be quarantined.

Next, you need to register Online and also here you will be able to upload vaccination certificates or COVID tests, informs

In conclusion, Germany is on the list of countries that apply exemptions for those vaccinated / immunize or test negative for COVID-19.

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