PowerCube Allocacoc 1402GY socket with 2 high-power USB ports

We travel long enough and carry with us an entire arsenal of gadgets. But a big problem in our travels is the lack of sockets in the hotel rooms.

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Those who travel frequently and carry many gadgets with them, probably have been hit by the problem of lack of sockets in hotel rooms. More precisely, there are few in number. I met the hotel with a single outlet in the room and this was used for the desk lamp. How to charge phones, external batteries, while you want to have your laptop plugged in. Let's say you can through the USB ports on your laptop, but how many ports do you have and at what power?

PowerCube Allocacoc

The travel gadget kit includes: 2 phones, 2 external batteries, camera / video, laptop and tablet, plus cables and accessories. In most trips so far, it was difficult for us to load them all at the same time. Nor are we eager to spend too much time in the hotel room, with the idea of ​​charging a little more gadgets.

To solve this problem, I decided to buy a socket PowerCube Allocacoc 1402GY with 2 high power USB ports. There must be at least one power outlet in a hotel room, which can then be multiplied to 4 normal sockets + 2 USB ports through this extension. This way we can charge our gadgets simultaneously.

I used this extension for my vacation in Palermo. We chose the 1.5 meter cable option to have the extension closer to the bed. He did his job. Every night we would leave the gadgets loaded, and in the morning we would pack them in our backpack and go on the route. In the 3 days spent in Sicily, we left the hotel in the morning and returned late in the evening, without running after meals during the day.

I use the PowerCube socket at home, and it is attached to the desk through a special holder. It came in the socket. It is fixed to the desired surface by double-adhesive tape.

I Recommend PowerCube Allocacoc 1402GY socket (90 of law). There are also other variants of PowerCube sockets, with extension cable and without cable!

PS I carried this extension bag in my hand luggage and had no problems with security control.

  1. Dani says

    At the security check did they get you to check it separately or was it all ok from the first?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      At the security check, I removed the extension cord together with the other cables. I have a bag in which I put all the wiring and take it out separately, along with my laptop, tablet and camera…

      Only the external batteries remained in the hand luggage, but they asked me about them :). Otherwise nothing remarkable!

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