7 tourist destinations in Romania that were not popular 20 years ago

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At the end of a summer season in which the number of tourists in accommodation units and on the roads broke record after record, a study of the hotel reservation platform Travelminit.ro shows that Romanians have turned this year to destinations that after some years did not even exist on the tourist map of our country.

Thus, destinations such as Viscri, Criț, Saschiz in Brasov county, Tarnița lake area near Cluj, villages such as Lunca de Sus in Harghita county, Breb village in Maramureș and many others where there was no tourism at present, now receive thousands of tourists and investors building guesthouses and tourist facilities. The price of one night accommodation starts from 185 lei / night for two people and can exceed 350 lei, depending on the accommodation conditions and services included.

From the seaside and Prahova Valley to other areas rich in traditions and beautiful landscapes

According to specialists, Romanians have the most diverse preferences in terms of domestic destinations in which they seek to spend their long-awaited holidays. Thus, the Romanians did not orient themselves only towards the coast or the Prahova Valley as we were used to, but it seems that they turned their attention to other less popular areas, which have developed rapidly in recent years and which, once discovered, more and more visitors enjoyed it.

What are the tourist destinations in Romania that did not exist 20 years ago

Among these "new" points of interest is the suite of Saxon villages, where you can fully enjoy authenticity, tranquility, traditions and delicious food, often prepared by welcoming hosts, with ingredients from their own garden. Viscri, Biertan, Crit or Mesendorf are just a few examples, the area of ​​Saxon villages in southeastern Transylvania currently numbering about 150 small villages and rural settlements, spread over an area of ​​about 300.000 ha.

The town of Viscri was positioned on the tourism map of our country with the recurrent visits of Prince Charles and all these visits boosted tourism in the area. The price of one night accommodation in Viscri starts from 177 lei per night, for two people.

Another rather unknown destination at national level 10-20 years ago is the area of ​​the Tarnița reservoir: communes such as Râșca, Mărișel or Gilău have become much more popular and visible today on social platforms. Accommodation at a 4-star cottage starts at 200 lei per person per night.

The village of Breb in Maramureș, Vişeu area, can also be included in this list, being often nicknamed "Paradise in Maramureș". A small village, rich in charming traditions and customs, Breb became even more popular after the 2000s, as a result of the commissioning of the railway, which boosted tourism throughout the area. Tourists staying here pay prices starting from 185 lei / night for the double room.

The bean slope from SkiGyimes in Harghita

Another major investment that has turned an entire region previously unknown to the general public into one much sought after by tourists of all ages is the ski slope from SkiGyimes from Harghita. Landscapes like in Austria or Switzerland and a lot of adrenaline, just about 30 km from Miercurea Ciuc. An investment of 1,5 million euros that put Lunca de Sus on the map of Romanian tourism.

More and more attention has been paid lately to wine-wine tourism, so that many of the localities on the Wine Road are now on the list of holiday destinations of Romanians who love wine tastings and stories told in the middle of vineyards. Many of the wineries in key areas now also offer accommodation, so that all those who cross their threshold can freely enjoy the surroundings and the special varieties of wines that the locals are proud of. This is the case, for example, of the Ceptura winery or the Basilescu winery.

Villages such as Tălișoara, Micloșoara or Valea Zălanului

Villages such as Tălișoara, Micloșoara or Valea Zălanului are also in great demand, picturesque, quiet places, apparently forgotten by the world, but very sought after lately by tourists who want to experience ancient life and local traditions, while disconnecting for a few days of stress in big cities.

Perhaps the most famous of the tourist destinations that did not exist two decades ago, Mamaia Nord, is today one of the most effervescent areas on the Romanian coast, each year being launched new hotels, clubs, terraces and restaurants very popular with tourists. eager for fun. Mamaia Nord has been hosting some of the biggest international concerts and events in Eastern Europe for some years, such as the famous Sunwaves or Neversea festivals. Although it refers to a short season, the prices reach here over 2000 lei / night for a double room.

Here, then, is a short list of destinations in Romania that did not exist 20 years ago:

1. The suite of Saxon villages in Transylvania, especially the villages of Viscri and Crit
2. Tarnița area with the villages of Râșca, Mărișel and Gilău
3. Breb village from Maramureș, Vişeu area
4. Lunca de Sus, Harghita 
5. The localities on the Wine Road in Buzău and Prahova counties
6. The villages of Tălișoara, Micloșoara and Valea Zălanului from Covasna
7. Mamaia Nord

Tourism in Romania suffers from the lack of quality of services, but there is no shortage of wonderful places to visit and explore.

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