Airbus to hire more than 13 employees to increase aircraft production rate!

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To increase the rate of aircraft production, Airbus announced that it will hire more than 13 employees in 000. One of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, it has hired more than 2023 employees globally in 10.

The focus will be on technical and manufacturing profiles, but new jobs will also be created to support the company in the long term, such as renewable energies, cyber and the digital sphere. Most of the newly created positions will be in Europe, representing over 9000 jobs that will be filled with young workers in the new directions drawn by Airbus.

Airbus currently employs more than 130.000 people globally, including on final assembly lines in Europe, North America and China. 

Airbus struggled to meet its delivery targets throughout 2022, adjusting the target twice before setting a target of 700 delivered aircraft. However, due to a complex supply chain environment, it was unable to manage this and the European original equipment manufacturer (OEM) delivered only 661 aircraft. Airbus warned investors that it would not be able to meet this target in early December 2022. However, it added that it would not have a significant impact on its financial results. 

For 2023, Airbus is focusing on technical and production profiles, as well as acquiring new skills that support the company's long-term vision, in areas such as new green energies, cyber and digital. 

Bloomberg reports that Airbus will look to take on some workers laid off by the tech giants, especially since they have a skill set in the areas the company is trying to grow.

Big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta (Facebook) laid off more than 70.000 people in the previous year, and the layoffs will continue in the near future.

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