April 6 in aviation: the first flight of the Freman III aircraft; launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-41-C.

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On April 6, 1909, the first aircraft designed entirely by the Anglo-French air pioneer, Henri Farman, flew for the first time to Bouy, France. Named either HenrI Farman III, or Freman III, or - because it represents a new departure - HF1, the biplane was the first aircraft to incorporate practical ailerons attached to the rear edges of the wings.

Other aviation events on April 6.

Capital Airlines Flight 67 crashed at Tri-City Airport.

On April 6, 1958, Capital Airlines Flight 67, a Vickers 745D Viscount, crashed at Tri-City Airport (now MBS International Airport) near Freeland, Michigan, killing all 47 passengers and crew on board the aircraft. The cause of the accident was an accumulation of undiscovered ice on the wing and unsuitable conditions for flight.

Launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-41-C.

On April 6, 1984, the Space Shuttle Challenger STS-41-C was launched at 13:58:00 UTC. The highlights of the mission were Max Solar Service - the first satellite rescue by astronauts and the implementation of the LDEF.

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