Australia joins the race to build the passenger supersonic

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A Ukrainian-Australian joint venture aims to launch supersonic passenger flights over the Pacific. An Australian company with supersonic space and aspirations, has teamed up with a Ukrainian engine designer and a jet engine manufacturer to push the limits of commercial passenger flights.

According to a report by Australian Aviation on May 4, Cosmovision Global Corporation, a company registered in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, has joined forces with SE Ivchenko-Progress aircraft engine design company in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine) and the manufacturer of JSC Motor Sich engines to develop a supersonic passenger aircraft.

Cosmovision plans to build a 100-seat plane that could fly from Sydney to Los Angeles in six hours. Ilya Osadchuk would like flights to take place by 2025. If he does that, he will make future Qantas Sunrise project to seem from the last century.

Australia joins the race to build the passenger supersonic.

JSC Motor Sich stated that it is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbine installations and aircraft and helicopter engines. SE Ivchenko Progress deals with the design and development of engines for commercial and defense customers. The company says their engines power 66 types of aircraft in more than 100 countries.

Cosmovision it is not the first company to track supersonic passenger flights. While overseas supersonic flights sound like a great idea, they face formidable obstacles. The costs of developing and building a supersonic aircraft and testing it are enormous. Then there are the regulatory hurdles that companies have to overcome.

At the same time, tariffs must be affordable. Normally, there is a fairly high demand for Premium travel in the Pacific. Conventional airlines usually have no problem filling their most expensive trans-Pacific seats. However, if the price is too high, supersonic travel will be just a niche business, such as private jet travel, and with a 100-seat jet the business would immediately go bankrupt.

Over the years, various companies have praised the site's almost equatorial location and other geostrategic benefits. However, the space's potential is also extremely isolated with a rich biosphere and is of significant historical importance to Indigenous peoples in Australia. Before the first load of concrete is laid, it will be a long time before the development approval of the site is obtained. In the last 25 years, the proposal to develop the Cape York area has had no results.

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