Boeing 737 MAX aircraft remain on the ground until mid-year

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We have less good or very good news from Boeing, depending on what angle you look at them. Boeing 737 MAX aircraft remain on the ground. They will not fly earlier than the middle of this year.

The major US aircraft manufacturer issued a press release announcing that the FAA and other authorized authorities will decide when to recertify MAX aircraft. And when they will lift the ban on flying for them.

And the Boeing forecast is showing by mid-2020. So it will take some time before we can see the new Boeing 737 MAX in flight.

Boeing 737 MAX is still waiting for new flights

The Boeing 737 MAX family has gone through a wide process of verification, rehabilitation and recertification. Since being recorded on the ground and until now, Boeing's accredited authorities and representatives have worked together on this extensive verification process. During this time, numerous production irregularities (higher or lower) were discovered, irregularities were also detected in previous aircraft certification processes.

Boeing is confident that the 737 MAX will fly again. And it promises to be the safest commercial aircraft on the market. The truth is that the new MAXs will be analyzed very well. And the problems will be solved. FAA, Boeing and other aviation authorities are not allowing another failure.

It remains to be seen what will happen to MAX aircraft. Until we fly, Boeing stopped production of 737 MAX aircraft because there is no place to store them. Are hundreds of 737 MAX aircraft stored through various public car parks and secondary airports.

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