The Boeing 737 MAX crisis is deepening by $ 2000 / month for each aircraft…

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We talk about every plane parked in the parking lot of employees at Renton Base in Washington, USA. We remind you that all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are recorded on the ground starting March 2019.

This decision was made after 2 casualties, involving 737 MAX aircraft. Unfortunately, 346 people lost their lives as a result of the collapse of two 737 MAX 8 planes, at an interval of 5 months apart.

Ethiopian Airlines (ET-AVJ) Boeing 737 MAX 8 MAX crashed shortly after takeoff. The plane operated the flight ET302, on the route Adis Ababa - Nairobi. But the first Boeing 737 MAX crashed in the fall of 2018. A Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air crashed into the sea, shortly after takeoff. Operate flight JT610.

The Boeing 737 MAX crisis is deepening

And now back to the first paragraph. Boeing had to find parking solutions for all the 737 MAX aircraft it produced and produced throughout this period. Thus, he decided to park some of them in the car parks of the employees. Otherwise we now look at parking on several places: D.

Boeing 737-max-parked-car-parking

So far, the 737 MAX crisis has cost Boeing over 1 billion dollars. And it will go deep with at least 2000 dollars / month for every plane parked in the car parks.

We remind you that The FAA has discovered new problems in the computer system on 737 MAX aircraft. Analyzes are still underway to determine if another software update or even hardware reconfiguration will be required.

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