Yango, in Romania / How was the first race with Yango

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Yango launched in Romania. It is a digital e-hailing application, currently operating in 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Thus, Romania becomes the fifth country of the European Union where the service is available, after Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Yango is part of the Russian IT group Yandex. Yanho is a direct competitor for UBER, Bolt and other such applications.

In the age of speed and technology, we frequently encourage and support evolution. The phone is the best "friend" in our travels. The phone is no longer just a tool for verbal communication. It has become as complex as a computer.

Yango, in Romania

When traveling in the country or abroad, we use a lot of mobile technology, including taxi orders / alternative transport services, banking transactions, traffic guidance systems.

For several years, we have been fans of alternative transport applications because everything is transparent, with no hidden costs and other unnecessary discussions. When I order the car, I already know how much I have to pay. The transaction is done with the card, thus avoiding unnecessary discussions with the driver. I think we know the classic stories with taxi drivers: "I'm not going in that direction"; "I will not give rest"; "50 of lei boss, okay?"

How was the first race with Yango

Today we tested the new Yango service. I installed the application, filled in the data, inserted the card and applied for the first race. Around 19: 00, the app notifies me that there are no cars available. At first I had resigned myself and I was already thinking about giving up, going on my old route with the STB.

But I was surprised to see that the app found a car, which estimated the arrival time in 6 minutes. It arrived in 5 minutes. The car was a Renault Fluence model. Clean, I could say even new, sticky with a Yango sticker and a sticker with the minimum price of 5 lei per race. At the wheel, Mr. Zamfir, a very confident young man in traffic.

After a discussion with the driver, I found out that he was at the 7 race for Yango. He works for Dox Rent A Car SRL. Yes, the application gives you the list of local partners. The company has a transport license in accordance with the law adopted the previous days. Mr. Zamfir also testified to me that he was paid on time, not in the race. His day started light, with a race and a break of several hours. But after the official launch, it had reached the 7 race, my race.

The race took 17 minutes, and the cost was below 15 lei. I also applied a promo code, thus getting a ride on 0. The promotional code offered me a discount of 15 lei / race. And no, this article is not part of a campaign, but it is written on its own initiative. I saw the code at Cristian China Birta (Thanks!) :).

And I also simulated a flight to the airport. According to the application, a race from Sector 3 to Henri Coandă International Airport will cost me 25 lei. This is the rate obtained at the time of publication of this article. For 2 weeks, there is a general loyalty promotion. In comparison, at UBER the same flight to the airport cost over 80 lei.

I recommend you try Yango services. Download athe Yango application from Google Play. For Apple fans, download the Yango app from the App Store.

I didn't quite understand what the deal is with 5 lei, when the app tells me that the minimum price is 8 lei. This minimum rate includes 7 minutes of traffic and 3 kilometers. I hope this service will maintain its standards of debut and not be "destroyed" like UBER.

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